An annual maintenance contract (or AMC) is a contractual arrangement between a business or organization and IT service providers or vendors to maintain and support the company’s information technology (IT) infrastructure and equipment over a specified period of time usually one year.An IT AMC aims to ensure the smooth functioning of IT systems, minimize downtime and provide timely technical support and maintenance services.

An IT AMC aims to ensure the smooth functioning of IT systems, minimize downtime, and provide timely technical support and maintenance services 


Technical Proficiency

A group of knowledgeable and licensed IT specialists with experience in hardware, software, networking, and security comprise the IT infrastructure team at Cerebral Computers.


Cerebral Computers has a history of offering support and maintenance for IT systems. Experience frequently demonstrates a provider's capacity to manage a variety of IT problems successfully.

Clear and Simple Pricing

We offer a transparent price system with no additional fees. Make sure you are aware of the AMC's price as well as any extra fees for services that are outside of its scope.


Cerebral Computers is able to adapt its services to your company's expansion and evolving IT requirements.

SLAs, or service level agreements

For various kinds of IT issues, cerebral computers provide precise SLAs with specified reaction and resolution periods. SLAs assist in defining service quality expectations.

Preventive Maintenance

To lower the possibility of IT failures and downtime, we should proactively carry out preventive maintenance chores in addition to responding to issues as they arise.


When it comes to IT problems or support, cerebral computers are highly responsive and reachable. Find out if they provide 24/7 assistance, particularly if your company is open 24/7. We may easily customize their services to fit the unique demands and specifications of your company. They ought to be competent to work with the particular IT setup you have.