CCTV & Access Control

CCTV & Access Control

We provide CCTV and Access control systems from various leading manufacturers. Our expertise includes but not limited to the following.

Installation and configuration of CCTV systems. Both analogue and IP based systems are supported. We undertake site survey and do storage and coverage recommendations. We do both Indoor and outdoor installation including weather proof systems.


We have expertise in installing Villas, Apartments, Offices ,Restaurants and entire building CCTV installation. We help customers to remotely monitor the same.

An Access Control Systems performs access approval, authentication and also determine the count of entities with the help of login credentials like password and biometric devices. It is a security measure used to control who or what can access the resources in a location or an environment.There are mainly two types of Access Control Systems: Physical and Logical. Physical access control systems limit access to buildings, area and physical assets. Logical access control systems limit access to computer networks, data, files, etc. D3 provides the best access control system which has its working based on a biometric technology. This biometric access control system has an extra level of security when compared to other access control systems. This system performs authentication and access approval by taking the biometric characteristics of a person into consideration. These biometric traits can be fingerprint, retina, face recognition etc. Biometric traits being unique for whom it is recorded can be utilized for identification purpose.


We can stop depending on things that can get lost such as passwords, pin numbers, ID cards etc. as access control. Using Pin numbers and passwords also leaves an opportunity for the employees to swap them and make it difficult to actually identify who exactly gained the access through the system. Since we use the unique biometric trait of an individual as access control which requires the physical presence of the person to gain access to the system, there is no chance of identity forging. And therefore biometric access control system remains the best choice for access control since leaves no gaps for fake identity and unauthorized access. Biometric access control system proves to be the most reliable, quick, and accurate system to ensure authorized access to the assets. We provide a wide variety of access control devices, please talk to our sales for more information.